Why You Should Enter Your Classic in A Show

Whether you own a lovingly-restored classic, a pedigreed race car, or a rare antique in mint condition you found in your grandfather’s barn, car shows are a way to show it off, earn bragging rights with a best in show or best in class trophy, meet other car enthusiasts, or even win a cash prize.

If you’re thinking about entering a car show, keep in mind that most require pre-registration so they know how much space is needed. Some car shows allow registration the day of the show if there is room, but each show has its own rules, so it’s best to find out ahead of time before hauling your car to a show only to be turned away.

Prepare Your Car for the Show

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper presentation of your vehicle at a car show. You have no doubt spent countless hours getting and keeping your car in excellent condition, so you want it to sparkle and shine the day of the show. Wash and detail every nook and cranny, including the engine. Don’t forget to clean the glass, interior and tires as well. Judges will be looking at all the details.

Getting Your Car There

You’ll want to find a transport company for getting your car to the show. Shipping your car is the best option for ensuring your vehicle gets to the show in pristine condition, especially is the show is several hundred miles away.

Open-Air or Enclosed Transport?

You will also need to choose whether you want open-air transport or enclosed transport. An open-air trailer is the kind you’re used to seeing on the road with no sides and no roof that has a row of vehicles on top, and a row of vehicles on the bottom. An enclosed trailer has a roof and four sides and is fully enclosed.

The Bottom Line

While shipping a vehicle in a fully enclosed trailer is a more expensive option, it offers a higher level of protection against damage from the weather or debris from the road. If your vehicle is valuable, it is best to err on the side of caution. You also want to make sure the auto transport company is licensed and bonded.

Once you get to the show just try to relax and have some fun. You invested a lot of time, effort and money getting there. Enjoy it!